A young stray mother who thinks someone stole her baby was crying from pain

A young stray mother who thinks someone stole her baby was crying from pain.

A stray wandering dog gave birth on the street. Stephanie suddenly saw her when she wanted to cross the street. The dog kept one of her babies in her mouth.

The dog needed someone’s help and did not know what to do. Stephanie immediately asked rescuers to help the animal.
The team moved towards the place where the mother was staying.

That was near Stephanie’s home. When the team found the mother they noticed that she curled her babies and showed that she protected them.

The mother was scared and it was obvious that she does not trust anyone. She was ready to protect her babies in any way.

The rescuers managed to leash the dog. They dealt with the whole family very carefully. So they took them to the veterinarian. Now they will get special attention and care. The staff promised Stephanie to periodically talk with her.

The mother was still scared but soon she changed her behavior as she understood that those people will not harm them. So, now she is calm and relaxed.

The rescuers called her Jade and also gave beautiful names to her puppies.
But the mother was worried about something. The next day Stephanie told the rescuers that she gave one of the babies to the neighbor.

The poor baby was crying as she lost her family. But they found her and gave her back to her mother. Now they are all together and will remain where till they will be ready for adoption.

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