A poor dog was tied to a tree and was searching for a new owner

A poor dog was tied to a tree and was searching for a new owner.

The beautiful pitbull was saved and now had a second chance to live after being abandoned by his ex-owners. The stranger found a dog who was tied to a tree in the center of the park. Fortunately, the man did not pass indifferently and decided to help the poor animal.

The kind man already had 2 pets. And when he saw the tied animal he also expected to see the owners. But they were not there and when he approached the dog he noticed a note that was hanging from it.

The dog was very lovable and sweet.
In the note, it was written about the dog and probably that was written by his ex-owners who asked people to adopt him and did not allow him to suffer anymore.

When the man read it he understood that it was time to help the poor animal.
The man hurried to take some photos and share them on his social media page.

And fortunately, one person wanted to adopt this kind of creature. Luckily, now the dog has a home and found love and affection.
The man understood that it was dangerous for the dog to stay there.

The man took him to the help center. Now the animal is feeling very happy and could not believe that from now on he is free and would get special care.

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