A police officer helped a donkey and drove him in his car

A police officer helped a donkey and drove him in his car.

The law officers from Oklahoma city put the animal in a state car and took it to its owner. The officer got a call that an animal was walking in the road without its owner. And then the man had to save the scared animal.

The officer could not think of another good way than dragging the donkey in the car and saving him from the cars.
So, the animal barely fit in the car and stuck his face from the window.

The people who saw him could not lose the chance and captured the funny moment. And the photo was shared on Facebook. Thousands of people who saw the picture liked it. So, it was an arrested animal in the car.

Everyone wondered how the man put him in the car.
Later it turned out that the man lured the animal with food.

The man told how chaos created the animal in the car. He threw things in the car.

According to the police department, the animal was returned safely to its owner.
But the office also said that they meet many such cases during their work.

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