A dog called Sarge became a mom of many hopeless animals

A dog called Sarge became a mom of many hopeless animals.

It’s not a secret that dogs are loyal, friendly, and caring. They are always ready to help humans. They have kind hearts and are ready to help those who need love and attention. And they are kind not only with people but also with other animals. So, now the dog feels responsible for them.

Her owner, Cheryl Stephan who is also a big-hearted woman, took care of many animals during her whole life. So, Sarge was already used to such life but she has a special attitude towards one of them named Buckheat. Buckheat was the first animal that Cheryl took care of.

When Sarge saw this animal she started to feel some warmth. Sarge started to take care of the fawn and became his protector. She was in every step of Buckwheat’s life and became a carrying mom. So, wherever the fawn went she followed him and wanted to be sure that everything was good with him.

When the baby was going out alone the mother followed him and brought him back home. But when he became stronger the mother needed to release him in the wild. And because of that, the dog was very sad. The owner thought that she would never be so kind with other animals.

But fortunately, she was not right and when the owner brought other animals the dog took care of them with the same attention.

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