When the kind man noticed a scared dog he stayed with her till she was in protected hands

Cops are heroes in our life, they often risk their lives to help us. They help not only people but animals as well.
This story is about a man who could not be indifferent to a scared puppy.

Early in the morning, a cop called Kareem Garibaldi found a puppy who was wandering in their neighborhood. As the dog did not have a collar the man understood that it would be very hard to find her owners.

The kind man decided to take the animal to SPCA Florida. He thought that they could find her owner in that way. And his devotion amazed everyone.

The manager told how emotional was the moment when he saw the cop with the animal.
They were tired and immediately slept in the reception.

The man did not leave the puppy at that center. He stayed there for three hours to know her condition. The man was tired but did not want to go home.

The doctors named the puppy Hope. And then the man took her back to the station.
One kind woman, seeing the dog in the station, loved her and decided to adopt. Now they live together.

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