When a teenage girl lost her pet she started to help many animals

The girl named Hannah Rountree lost her favorite pet 3 years ago.
The pet called Spunky ran away during the vacation of their family.

They looked for him everywhere but could not find him.
When the cat got lost Hannah was feeling depressed. So, she decided to spend all her time with poor animals.

Then she started to volunteer at the shelter.
Then she came to the Animal Adoption Center and no one could hope that she would find her pet.

She could not believe her eyes but then she saw him and was sure.
‘Who was he? He is similar to my cat,’ says the girl.

The shelter staff was also amazed by hearing this story.
They needed to find out how Spunky appeared there. Then they all agreed that it was Hannah’s pet.

Now Spunky was in safe hands.
They named him Bear, and he was called this name for about 6 months.

The girl was very excited to find her furry friend. So, she would not find Spunky if she did not try to help poor animals.
The whole family was happy to have Spunky back to their home.

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