Two dogs warmly hugged each other and the moment was captured by which, which later helped them to find owners

Sometimes life deals with animals with cruelty. But dogs are the cutest animals in the world, and sometimes they have to go through many difficulties.

While many animals have their owners, others are in trouble.
But we cannot always help them, but hearing such stories is very painful.

Kala and Keira, from an animal shelter, had to overcome many difficulties as no one wanted to adopt them. The activists were very sad as they could not find owners for them. So, they want to try for the last time to save their lives.

The volunteers shared a post where the animals hugged each other very warmly.
They were sure that people would be interested in hearing their stories.

The dogs loved each other so much and they did not want to lose their friendship.
And surprisingly, a savior appeared.

Now, these 2 animals have another chance to live.
And this story could not end more happily.

It was nice to see them with their owners. They really deserved it and fortunately now they both are in safe and protected hands.

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