This sick woman is in the worst condition and her last dream come true

At the final moments of her life, the woman saw the lovely animal she always loved.
And her last wish came true. She always dreamt about seeing a deer at least once in her life.

This dream always followed her even as she became older. So, her lovely family did their best to make her wish come true. This was a touching moment that was filmed by phone.

Her 2 daughters were very careful with her but her condition was getting even worse day by day.
Probably she was living the last minutes of her life. So, she said that she would like to see the deer whom he always loved.

The woman was also wearing a t-shirt with Bambi on it.
Daughters knew how hard it would be for them to find the animal and took them to their mother.

It was something very difficult and impossible. But they did not give up and did their best to do so. And they succeeded. The moment when they entered the room with the animal left everyone speechless. Everyone who witnessed the moment was crying.

The woman felt the happiest as she finally saw the animal she had always loved. Here you can see the photos of them.

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