This man could save the deer who weighed 500lbs in a frozen river

This man could save the deer who weighed 500lbs in a frozen river.

How kind are the heroes of this story!
Many animals could not overcome the difficult periods and they barely survived or even could not do so.

The animal appeared in the frozen water and started to cry because of fear of dying. But no one knows how he appeared there. All were frightened as the temperature dropped and the water was freezing.

And one of the hunters started to take action without hesitation. He started to cut the ice to be able to pull the animal out from there.

The whole saving operation lasted about 5 hours. And they finally managed to release the poor hopeless animal from the water. Then the man decided to set up a fire to warm the scared animal.

But also he did not want to live him there and decided to transfer deer to the town.
And they warmed and dried the animal in the garage. They did everything necessary for the animal.

Fortunately, after some time the deer gained strength and people took him to the wild. And thanks to the kind and brave man the mission was done and the animal survived.

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