This lovely dog gets his owner up every day and protects his life

This lovely dog gets his owner up every day and protects his life.

The name of this Labrador was Jeddi who lives in the USA. Every day he protects the life of his little friend named Luke Nutala. The night they were sleeping together in the same bed when the pet felt that his owner was feeling bad. The boy has diabetes.

His mother Dorrie was sleeping in a different room and could not listen to the equipment sound which reported the boy’s blood pressure. The dog came to her room to tell her about it.

Jeddi already knows some useful rules and understands what was wrong with the boy. So, once he understood that the boy’s life was in danger he immediately woke her mom up. So, he gave the mom a sign.

So, when he wanted to say that the boy’s pressure is reduced he lies on the floor and if it’s high he gives his paw.
They lived in this way for 3 years. They did not know how they would deal with it without the help of the dog.

The family often organizes parties for the pet and lets people from all over the world know about this story.
Both the dog and the boy have their social media page and the mother regularly posts some stories about their true friendship. The boy had so many hard times and the dog was always with him.

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