This lovely and special animal is in danger of extinction

This is the most admirable mammal in the world.
Also, it’s considered to be the most extraordinary one and was founded in 1983.

Unfortunately, only 1000 one left from the species in wildlife. The number drastically reduced by about 70 percent after the 80s.

The conservationist was feeling sorry as no one dealt with their care and protected them. So, he decided to take control of the situation and deal with their care by himself.

Many years ago he collected a team of volunteers and they aimed to follow the animals and help them as much as they can.

The man said that these animals are at risk of extinction and the places where they usually live are now empty.
The kind man hoped that they would manage to help these animals.

The whole team did their best to do so. They will be found about 13000ft in the Tianshan Mountains.

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