This little kind puppy helped his big friend and is called a real hero

See the little hero named Razor who helped the baby to be rescued.
People should learn from animals how to be kind, generous, and gentle.

They are always ready to support anyone who is in need. This is an unbelievable emotional story and no one could stay indifferent after hearing this.

The kind hero named Razor helped his life-long friend called Jazzy. He managed to let the stranger know about the case in Mexico. So, the stranger understood that something happened and hurried to call the authorities.

Most probably, the poor dog stayed in deep mud and left there for about 18 hours till his loyal friend arrived there.
The owner also confessed that at that time he only understood how connected his animals are with each other.

This story could have a tragic end to the poor animal if his little dog did not notice him and help. So, thanks to the big-hearted friend the puppy survived.

Fortunately, the dog is now in safe and protected hands and now does not have any problems. Look at the photos of them and you will feel how connected your friends are.

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