This kitten was survived euthanasia and transferred to his new house

This kitten was survived euthanasia and transferred to his new house.

Sometimes the help comes from someone that you would expect the least and at the very final moment. This also happened with an unhappy kitten called Benben.

Benben was transferred to a shelter when he was in a bad condition. According to doctors, he was mutilated while fighting with other cats. Here it shows the poor cat’s condition.

Moreover, he has other diseases instead of serious injuries. He also had a spinal injury. And the doctors considered that the only way to solve the problem was euthanization.

At that time one of the employees wanted to leave the shelter, who suddenly heard the fate of the kitten and could not let such a thing happen.
So, the girl took the little kitten to her home and gave him lots of love and attention that he needed the most.

Such warm things both animals and people need during their hard times.
And this had a good result.

One hour later, Benben was in his home and he climbed into the girl’s arms. He became unrecognizable.

But this was just the start of everything. He still had a hard road to pass. And due to the care and love of his owner, he copes with all difficulties.
Today, he continues living with his lovely owner in his new house.

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