This kitten could not move her legs

People saw 2 homeless cats without a parent and noticed especially the who was a little bit different. The baby could not use her legs.

A resident from Canada noticed 2 wandering cats who did not have a mom.
They immediately called the animal shelter to help the babies.

The shelter workers came to help them. They have come a long way.
They were covered with fleas and needed treatment. One of the activists noticed that one of the cats could not move its legs. The cat was a girl and she could move only with the help of her paws.

Then there was an examination and it turned out that the cat had some deformities which caused the ailment. The name of the cat was Swimmy. Doctors started to cure her paws. The doctors prescribed special treatment for it.

The cat was strong enough to cope with these difficulties. After a short time, she started to feel better. Her sister helps her in everything, they do everything together. Although her paws were still weak soon it will fully recover.

Now she is active and powerful. She loves playing and running.
Hope they will soon find loving and caring owners.

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