This is Dúi, who is similar to a hybrid of a dog and a cat

This is Dúi, who is similar to a hybrid of a dog and a cat.

Whom do you like more? Cats or dogs? But in this case, you do not need to choose either. His photos spread widely on the internet. People who saw the photos wondered whether the animal was a cat or dog. Many people find him as a natural mistake while others think that this is a special mixed animal.

Some people see this animal fox, and some people find him as a bear cub. But then it turns out that he is a dog. He lives with the family Tuan and Hai Anh. So, the family said that the animal is 3 months old and a mix of different breeds. But he has such an unusual look that they also think he could be a gene mutation.

Hmong is an old dog that originated from northern Vietnam. Experts claim that they are the best hunters. Also, they differ from others in their high level of intelligence and they are also good friends with kids.

The owners tell how friendly the animal is. Also, when the puppy was 5 days old, they created a personal page and now he is popular among the users. Moreover, he has 45 thousand followers on his account. And his fans are from all over the world.

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