This is a true friendship among 2 dogs: The dog fell into a cistern and its friend followed him for a week

This story is about Tillie and Phoebe who were lost because their owner forgot to close the door of their home. So, they ran away from home. And probably this is the worst thing ever.

So, they lost when guests came to the home.
It was already a week that they were missing.

When they ran away the owner could not find them anymore.
The owner says that he left the door open several times but they never run without his permission.

So, he did not know how they could disappear.
Then, it turned out that Phoebe appeared in the cistern and his friend did not want to leave him alone and stayed with him there.

So, the owner asked the rescue team for assistance. But it was hard to even for them to find the dogs.
Tillie did not leave his friend and even came closer to a stranger to ask for help.

A week passed and they were found. This was the best thing that could happen.
This story once again proves how loyal dogs could be.

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