This is a story about the dog who probably died but many years later was found near the restaurant

This is a story about the dog who probably died but many years later was found near the restaurant.

The dog was tied tightly to the tree and was unable to reach the snow. The pet was tied for more than twenty-four hours. The activists saw the dog and saved his life.

The woman from the group took the baby and cured him and tried to find him a new home. Later it was discovered that the ex-owners acted brutally to the dog as a punishment for the damaged furniture. Elena, the woman who saved the dog, did not give the dog to the ex-owners, also she asked the police to deal with the case.

The dog is now called Monty and he could not walk in the place because it was unfamiliar to him. The pet was not used to this life, everything was very shocking for him. Now, he can discover many new things in this world.

Elena tells how Monty felt when he saw the horses for the first time. The dog tried to say something to his new owner in his language. When Monty and Elena were walking they saw a girl called Alain. The girl looked at the dog and wanted to take him to her home.

The new owners wanted to take the dog to another country but they did not and the girl could take him.

This story could have a happy ending but the dog did not want to live in a home. After the operation, the dog hugged only his owner. Monty started to change the home. When the girl came back home saw the chaos there. When she came back with her guests and saw this she understood that she had to clean the home then accept her guests.

People advised the girl to keep the dog in the cage. But nothing helped. But the girl did not give up and decided to train the dog.

When they were going to restaurants Monty was sitting with his owner like a real aristocrat. The owner of the restaurant said that the animal could stay there as he did not do anything dangerous. Moreover, he was so impressed that asked permission to take a picture of the dog.

The dog even helped his owner when the strangers wanted to break the house. And he protected Alyona everywhere.

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