This is a story about Arthur who finally rested in the new home after 30 years of being abused

Our kind job could mean everything for someone we help. This is a story about Arthur who needed help. The poor horse was abused by its owner for a very long time.

The poor animal was in such a condition that its owner gave him to dealers. His fate was cruel as he was changed from dealer to dealer.
But fortunately, he was not alone in such a hard time. He saw another horse whose name was Max. And they could overcome a difficult period together.

Then one unexpected day magic happened when a woman suddenly saw these horses on the website. Her name was Cindy Daigre. As she was a big fan of animals she was determined to help these poor animals.

She got the horses in Pennsylvania. After being in such condition the horses were afraid and heartbroken. But then everything changed for them. And it took about two years to cure these animals.

The connection between Max and Arthur grew so much that they managed to overcome any difficulties together. They are always together in bad and good times.

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