This cat was very similar to a Puss in Boots from Shrek

The cat called Pisco became an internet star on the internet due to its look.
It looked like the Puss in Boots from the cartoon called Shrek.

The owner of the cat later said that when Pisco was taken from the shelter it was very shy and scared of everyone who came closer to him.

After some time, when the pet was already used to their presence, they started to contact everyone who wanted to play with him.
‘We wanted him to be sure that no one would force him to do something,” says the man.

Later, the owners of the cat opened a separate Instagram page for him and started to post pictures of the cat. No one could expect that everyone will adore him and his photos will spread widely on social media.

And it became even more popular when he repeated the famous look of the cartoon hero.
Now Pisco has about 600 thousand followers on his account.

Everyone loves seeing his posts and all people write comments on his posts. The owners were happy as they did something which helped the cat to become popular and loved by everyone.

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