These special pink-colored dolphins were seen while coming back to Hong Kong waters

Here, you can see the most beautiful and unique marine creature, a pink-colored dolphin.
As a result of pandemics and people’s cruel activities, many animals and also marine creatures are not in their natural habitats.

They can be seen in places that you cannot even notice them. In this time, the Indo-Pacific dolphins came back to the place where they should be. And this was an amazing moment to see how they swim and have fun.

The heavy traffic was reduced over time and many marine animals were seen going to the Hong Kong waters.
Investigations show that about 2500 of these unique dolphins are considered to be the rarest and special marine animals.

One of the scientists told how long he examined these special dolphins. And now he tells how he witnessed this dramatic change when the dolphins calmly swim and just have fun. This is all that animal lovers need to see.

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