The Zoopark celebrated the birth of an endangered tiger cub

Sometimes good things also happen in zoos. People always did their best to help the endangered animals to raise their popularity. All animals are very happy when a new animal is bored in their zoo. And they feel even better when Sumatran tigers are born.

Recently, the Zoo park has many reasons to celebrate. The tiger cubs, who are at great risk of extinction, were born. A female and a male.
And that was the second time tigers worked after the 1980s. So, this was great news for everyone in the zoo.

The new mother named Riya was very caring and attentive to her infants. They were her first cubs.
These animals are at great risk of extinction and there are almost 400 ones left in the world.

And this birth was a successful survival project. Everyone was excited. And this is a victory not only for zoo staff but also for all animal lovers.

Now the babies spend most of their time with their caring mother. The mother does her best for her babies. They share a strong connection. Soo, the visitors can also see them in the zoo.

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