The young woman spent 4 days gaining the trust of the rabbit

The young woman spent 4 days gaining the trust of the rabbit.

The girl did her best for 4 days to pick the rabbit. She did not want to leave the animal so decided to win its trust.

Alicia Castro did not leave the animal who was left alone on the street.
She found the rabbit next to her home and wanted to pick it up.

The girl decided to keep it in a cage but it should become used to it.
So, she spent four days on the street and gave him food and water.

Even though it was cold outside the girl continued to do so.
The 3rd day was the most difficult one. Then she wanted to give up.

However, she got help on how to keep the rabbit and it helped her.
Then she also was given a cage as she tried to catch the rabbit with a towel.

Then she suddenly managed to catch the baby.
The girl also contacted the animal rescue center but no one wanted to adopt the rabbit as the zoos were full of animals.

Alicia wanted to adopt the animal but she was afraid of her cat’s reaction.
But then she decided to keep it at home. And now she does her best to create a friendship among them.

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