The young girl found a dying horse and walked with her about 9 miles

The young girl found a dying horse and walked with her about 9 miles.

This is a very emotional story about a heroic girl and a poor horse. Nowadays it is rare to hear such stories especially when it’s about a young girl.
Kelsey was walking as usual with her mother and once they decided to change their road. Suddenly they saw an animal lying on the road and moved towards it to see what’s wrong.

They noticed a poor horse who was dying. Also, they saw some marks on her body. Probably, the owner decided to get rid of the animal and leave her on the road. This was an inhuman action.

There is also another thought that the horse could escape finding food.

Kelsey and her mother decided to help the poor creature. They once tried to pick the horse but failed. So, the girl decided to help the dog in another way. So they decide to just walk with the horse. Although that would be very difficult for all of them, they had to do so.

When they reached home the family did everything necessary to save her life. And they, fortunately, managed to do so.

The animal slept 5 days and the family was disturbed about it. Kelsey prayed for her. Thankfully, the animal was saved. The girl named her Sunny as she brought the sun to her life. Now the girl and the animals are close friends and they could not live without each other.

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