The woman who was an animal lover shared a special connection with a huge bear

The 99-year-old woman who was captured with a huge bear gained popularity on social media.
Although she was old she was very happy and stunning.

Also, she is popular with doing things that are common for young people. A couple of years ago she posted an amazing photo with a huge bear which was difficult to believe. The lady is Betty White.

She is one of the popular and respectable American comedians who was an animal lover. Her love for the animals made her popular in America. The woman loves bears with all her heart.

And these days she posted a picture with the bear that gained everyone’s attention and love. And these moments proved her love and affection that was obvious from the screen.

She admits that it was very difficult for her to be that close to such a dangerous animal. But she was obsessed with her job and adores what she does.

One of her close friends also claims that she loved animals during whole her life and dealt with them respectfully and kindly. So, not everyone is ready to do so. And here you can also see the moment when the lady hugs the big bear.

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