The woman together with her boyfriend took a dog and made him a yard that he could not dream about

The dog named Bentley went through many difficulties.
Before finding her permanent owners the guy was taken by four families.

The problem was that he had health problems and was acting aggressively. But after this, he is finally adopted by a good family.
The woman who took it was living in a small home and now she had to search for more comfortable options.

But there is a big issue, no one wanted to give its house to the woman with such a huge animal.
So, she had to buy a townhouse.

Then she joined with her boyfriend and started to live together.
The new house now had a nice backyard.

The woman knows how Bentley enjoys playing on the grass. So, the woman wanted her pet to feel comfy at their home.
So, together with his boyfriend, they made a comfortable backyard for the dog.

The dog really deserved it.
When Bentley saw its surprise he was shocked.

He could not believe his eyes. He laid down there for a long time.
And now this will be its favorite place.

And Bentley now tried to recover his psychological health.
The love he gets will help him to do so.

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