The woman had an unusual cat with charming eyes

The woman had an unusual cat with charming eyes.

One day a woman noticed a box near her house. When she opened it she found a little cat inside there. The kitten had an unusual appearance. She noticed that the baby was not in a good condition and it had an injury. The woman decided to take him to the clinic. The doctors started to examine him immediately.

At first, the cat was afraid of it but then something changed and he started to play. The doctor also accepts that it is a special appearance. And they loved the baby very much and they are thinking about it nonstop.

Afterward, they need to decide whether to give the baby to the shelter or not. So, one of the doctors understood that the baby needs special care. The woman named him Porg. Porg was one of the heroes of Star Wars.

Doctors thought that the problem was with his eyes but then they examined that the baby had uncommon skin. They immediately took the needed tests from the baby. As a result, they discovered that the baby has a syndrome called Ehlers-Danlos. If the animal has such a kind of disease they are weak joints.

This is a disease that meets between people but as we can see animals also can have this.

One of the doctors named Eliza says that she thought that the animal would live with her family. So, she bought clothes to protect his skin. After some time, the animal started to feel well.

He becomes an animal like others. But his eyes remained the same. And this allowed him to be different from others. The cat continues to wear clothes.

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