The woman captured the moment when her boyfriend sang love songs to their saved dog

Jen Anderson had a dog when she started to meet Lady. She loved the pitbull from very first sight. She understood that the dog would not have a good future and decided to adopt the baby. Jen and her husband always loved animals.

When Lady entered its new home she got love and care.
The baby loved hugging and cuddling with humans.

Jen captured the moment that was widely spread on social media. She wanted to go shopping when she heard her husband singing songs for the dog.
So she approached the room and turned on her camera. Her husband was singing especially for the dog.

He also cuddled with the baby. The dog felt happy and hugged the man warmly. So, Jen did not want to interrupt them and left the house.
Then she also told me that she fell in love with her husband thanks to his kind attitude.

It was an emotional moment for Jen. She was glad as her puppy had the same emotions for her human daddy.

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