The wandering dog always stole the same unicorn and kind people bought him a toy

The animal control center gave a stuffed toy to the stray customer.
Although dogs are innocent and cute creatures, they sometimes steal stuff from stores.

This story is about a dog who managed to find careful owners thanks to his behavior.
Everything started when the workers noticed the dog who wanted to secretly enter the shop and stole a stuffed unicorn.

When the staff saw this they invited the dog outside and took the toy.
But the animal continued doing this and the staff did not know how to act.

They could not prevent him from doing this. So, they decided to let Duplin Animal Control know about the case and waited for help.

When the authorities arrived they turned out to be a gentle and kind man and did their kindest gesture towards the animal. They bought the toy for the animal and gave it to him before taking it to the shelter.

At the shelter, the dog was captured with its toy and the photo appeared on social media and was widely shared, which helped the animal to find a permanent home and loving owners.

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