The walk after the rain became something unexpected

The walk after the rain became something unexpected.

It was normal when it was raining in May. Then it turned out that the sun was covered with thunderclouds. But after ten minutes everything changed and once the clouds disappeared the rainbow-colored the sky.

Nastya and Anton were waiting for the rain to stop and the sun appeared again so they could go for a walk. Then they went to search the edge of the window. You might think that was impossible but this period of your life was the time when you want to check everything by yourself.

The couple was walking near the forest. They passed by puddles and mud. Suddenly they heard some strange noises and then noticed a little puppy on the road. The puppy was fully wet after the rain. And he was carefully looking at the couple.

The woman immediately loved the baby and thought he was a gift from destiny. The couple thought of getting a dog for a long time but they did not have a final decision yet.
The baby was also happy and moved his tail.

So, the couple could not find the edge of the window but instead, they found something more important. The puppy is now their best friend. Once they reached home the puppy fell asleep and hoped that from now on he would get special attention and love.

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