The tiger, who is the oldest one in the world, will soon celebrate its birthday again

Animals usually live up to two decades but there are some cases when they live even longer.
There are not so many animals who are lucky enough to be the oldest species.

This story is about a 25 years old tiger named Bengali who is the oldest tiger in the world.
Bengali has lived in Texas all his life. And soon he will become 26 years old.

Tigers lifespan in the wild is 12 years and 15-20 years in captivity.
Bengali was always in the center of everyone’s attention.

These tigers are in danger of extinction and that’s why people do their best to keep them protected and well.
The female tiger was shy at first at the sanctuary but then became a joyful and main part of it.

Everyone celebrated her birthday with great enthusiasm and in a special way. Bengali is too old and soon they will organize a special party for her day.

No one knows what was the reason how she could live so long but most probably the safe conditions helped her to live long.
The tiger is in a protected place. And all animals have the best conditions for living.

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