The thankful dog could not stop hugging the man who freed him

One man named Matheus Laiola devoted his life to rescuing dogs who live in harsh conditions in Brazil.
This man understands the feelings of animals who spent their life being chained and abused.

This job is hard but always brings rewards.
He recently posted a story on his social media about some animals who were in chains.

He recently helped a dog who was in hard condition and in his publication he wrote:
Despite the rain and sun, the animal lived in chains. So, when they arrived there they broke the lock and got the dog out from there.

Once she understands that she’s free she starts to feel happy. She knows that now she has a second chance to live and thanked the man who helped her. She could not stop hugging the man.

The man says that the person who acted in such a way with the animal will be identified and be investigated for the case. But fortunately, the lovely animal is now safe and protected. She has a second chance of living.

After being free the animal was shifted to the rescue center. But she did not stay there for a long time. She was adopted after a short time and now she is feeling very well.

Also, you can follow the man who continues helping the poor animals.

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