The stray dog found a permanent home after a big-hearted man rescued him

Although there are so many people who love animals, there are many stray dogs in the streets.
This is a story about a dog who was walking in one of Brooklyn’s streets.

Pit bulls are considered to be the most aggressive among all dogs. But this one shows how cute they can sometimes be.

It was a usual day when Jon walked with his dog named Demo. Then he suddenly saw a little pit bull who was left alone. So, he decided to look after the animal till the owners would appear.

The man continues searching for the owners of the poor dog. He even posted flyers but could not find them.
After some time he understood that it would be guilty to live without seeing the smiling dog.

He was already attached to the dog and did not want to part with it anymore. And then he called the dog Brinks.
Brinks became the most energetic and joyful dog. He loves the man and often smiles at him.

Jon says that the puppy is always smiling. He enjoys everything and never stops smiling. And the dog smiles even when he falls asleep.

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