The story of a circus animal who was saved after twenty years of captivity

Due to the animal rescue team, the mountain lion was saved from captivity.
Peru does not allow wild animals to be performed in circuses. But some people disrespect the law and continue using and abusing wild animals. They keep these animals in cages. And the same happened with a lion named Mufasa.

This animal forcibly did circus tricks for twenty years. Moreover, he was kept in a small cage and could not live a normal life.
Luckily, he managed to be saved. And he was the last animal who survived.

Due to the kind man he and all other abused animals live in the wild and enjoy their freedom.
Mustafa was chained during his whole life and it was very hard for him to return to nature. But now he lives in a sanctuary.

So, thanks to the kind people many animals survived.
Let’s hope that all animals’ suffering will soon end and they all will live their free lives. And those who acted the way will start to respect these animals.

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