The story is about a man who left his job to travel with his kitten

The story is about Willow and Richard, the adorable kitten with his owner. Richard left his job to travel with his cat to Australia. He also sold his assets so he had to be able to freely travel. And this is not just a connection between an owner and its pet.

Willow recused Richard when he needed it.
The cat was taken by Richard’s ex-girlfriend. Willow loved Richard and did not want to go far away from his side.

But unfortunately, Richard’s girlfriend left him and said that she could no longer look after Willow. And Rich was very happy about the fact that he will take care of the cat.

‘Willow is so lovely and she enjoys hugs’ says Richard. ‘Some time I understood that I am strongly connected to the cat and when you adopt an animal who takes life-long responsibility.

So, one day the man also decided to leave his job and travel to Australia with his cat.
The man also tells how the kitten loves their traveling and he always wants to be with him.

They both have an Instagram page with about 100000 followers. You can also see their adventures on their page.

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