The sick chimpanzee remembered its caretaker and then died in his hands

While living her last days the old chimpanzee met its caretaker and it was a heartbreaking moment.
There are many cases when people meet an extraordinary connection that exists between animals and humans.

But this is indeed incomparable. So, this is a story about a bond that exists between an old animal and her caretaker.

The professor from Utrecht University first met the animal in 1973. And he became a caretaker of chimpanzees for a long time. So, they shared a special bond. And now, they meet each other again after a long time of separation.

The animal being the most popular chimpanzee in their colony was sick and could not even move. She even refused to eat anything.

When the man was informed that his loyal friend is ill and is going to die he rushed to see her. This was an emotional moment when a man and the sick animal were reunited and the moment could not stay indifferent.

At first, it seemed that the animal did not remember its caretaker as she did not reach him. But when she heard his voice she showed signs of recognition. Now when she was in safe hands she passed away. You can see the photos here.

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