The scared goose was waiting outside the hospital for her mate who was being operated on

Recently, a camera captured a kind goose who stood near the hospital’s door. She waited for her mate. This story happened in Wildlife Center in Massachusetts.

Volunteers saw a goose who was struggling to walk. So, they became worried and then decided to take it to the hospital.

Then, it turned out that the animal’s foot was injured and it could be dangerous for its life. And the only way to help Arnold was to operate the bird.

One of the specialists said that a turtle injured him during swimming.
What’s amazing was that not only doctors are worried about the operational process but other mate as well.

The workers easily remembered the goose. So, it was Arnold’s girlfriend. She stayed with her lovely mate during his hard times.

The clinic staff heard noises and found another goose outside there. The caring goose stayed there till the end. Fortunately, everything went well. So, then the doctors allowed the concerned goose to come inside to see her boyfriend.

Arnold still is in the center and should be completely recovered.
The vet staff warmly welcomed the animal every time they noticed her.

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