The scared cat who had sick babies asked for help

The scared cat who had sick babies asked for help.

The pregnant cat was walking in the city clinic. All the clinic workers who saw her fell in love with her. And they all fed the cat every day.

The mother cat was very friendly and affectionate. But then the cat disappeared for some days but then reappeared next to the hospital. This time the cat was not alone, she was with her infant babies.

So, she took her babies one by one to the doctor and the people decided to help her in doing this. So, the cat somehow let the doctors know that her infants need help.

They were all amazed by her smartness. The kittens had inflamed eyes and could not open them. The doctors examined and started to discuss further steps. They got the needed help and treatment.

After a short time, they could already open their eyes and see the world.
Now they are all healthy and feeling well thanks to the caring mother and attentive doctors. So, when they grew up the staff took them home and the mother cat stayed there where she was so much loved.

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