The puppy was living in a shoe till the volunteer took him

The puppy was living in a shoe till the volunteer took him.

Homeless animals face many difficulties. Because of people’s irresponsible attitudes, street animals regularly increase.
But fortunately, one of the volunteers named Goran Marinkovic became an angel of one of the poor animals.

The man regularly feeds many animals. As usual, when he was doing his job he suddenly noticed a lump burning from a distance. When he came closer he saw a little dog. The dog was in very bad condition. Probably, he wanted to hide from the cold. When the man gave him food he became happy.

As there was not anyone next to him the man decided to take and as he could not leave the animal there alone. So, he gave the baby a name and called him Smesten. He did everything necessary for the animal and took care of him. After a short time, he became a joyful creature. He felt comfort in Goran’s house.

The man finds that even a small help could turn out to be a big one for the animal who needs it. Everyone could do a kind job and help homeless animals. But before taking them to their home remember that you should be responsible with them.

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