The poor pet named Rusik who had many problems finally found a family

The poor pet named Rusik who had many problems finally found a family.

This poor little puppy was living in the old box. The walkers who saw the pet noted that it was unable to walk and that was the reason for its health. But the problem has a much easier solution. The pet just needs to be washed. If you see what the animal was eating you will immediately cry.

The dog started to eat the bark of the trees as he did not have a choice. But one day, the activists finally noticed him and decided to take care of him and they started to wash him. So, one of the activists took the puppy named Rusik for temporary care and then told how he loved the pet starting from first sight.

The baby was very kind and sociable. As the dog had eaten damaging things now he had some problems and the doctors needed some time to cure him.

After some time the dog felt better and found a new home. So, this new family was very careful with the dog. They nurtured him and gave him lots of love and warmth. But unfortunately, the dog did not recover fully and he had some problems periodically.

However, the family loved him so much and they did not give up, so they continued to struggle for his well-being.

The family showed the dog to all the best doctors in the city. They also took him to the most expensive clinics. Fortunately one of the clinics found the reason for the problem. Maybe the dog was heavily beaten which caused the following problems.

Fortunately, the family did not stop. They continue to find solutions and money for further expenses. The dog can still be cured.

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