The poor elephant found peace in the dog

The  poor elephant found peace in the dog.

We all know that elephants are considered to be smart animals. Also, they are very friendly and sociable. Ellie, who was the elephant’s herd, left him alone because he had a disease. So, the poor baby could not survive this alone.

Fortunately, the activists saved the baby and took him to the sanctuary where he got warmth and care. Although this place was focused on saving rhinos, doctors did not ignore the baby elephant.

So, the baby had an allergy to any kind of milk, and doctors decided to invent a mix of milk. So, they included proteins in the milk. As a result, the baby gained weight and power so he could be cured of the disease. But something is missing to fill his happiness, that was his loneliness.

So, he could not see his family which resulted in psychological problems. And the doctors did not know how to help him. But the dog named Duma became his salvation. As soon as they met they became best friends.

They enjoyed playing with each other. So, the elephant became happy with his new friend and Duma helped him to cope with his difficulties.

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