The poor dog was in a car dealership and the employees adopted him as their mascot

Many homeless dogs are surrounding us. They all need food and care and also a place to live. Today’s story is about a dog who managed to find not only a place but also a job.
The stray dog hoped to find food. He loved walking in a Hyundai car dealership.

Then he started to visit there more often. The workers from the dealership started to recognize him.
They know that the dog is not going to buy a car, so most probably he needs food.

So, they started to look after the animal.
And then they adopted the animal. The staff was very careful with him. He got all the necessary things he needed.

He was named “Tuscon Prime,” in honor of the Hyundai model.
And now when customers go to buy a car they see the animal and fall in love with him.

The staff also understood that the dog could be their coworker.
Soon he got a badge with his name and became a mascot of the salon.

What’s amazing is that when customers bought cars they sometimes came back to the salon to see the dog again. They also bring presents with them. This proves how friendly the animal is.

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