The poor dog asked for help to be able to feed her babies

The poor dog asked for help to be able to feed her babies.

It’s very difficult to see how animals suffer. Many people could not hide their emotions and cry when they hear such stories. And these kinds of people always try to help animals in need.

A kind person helped the dog to survive and keep her kids alive. This story happened to them. The dog had so many difficulties in her life but once her life changed when she met a kind woman. The woman, the defendant of humans’ rights, noticed the poor dog who asked for help with her eyes.

The dog was in very bad condition. She did not eat anything and it was not clear how she fed her children. The dog did not have power but did everything for her kids and tried to feed them.

So, the human rights activist decided to help the dog without hesitation. She took them to the hospital to make sure everything is good with them. Doctors started to examine the dog and after some time she started to feel better.

Now, she plays, runs, and eats as usual. Also, she has loving owners who care for her.

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