The poor cat slept when she was found alone on the road

Once, a truck driver hit a stone while driving. But this was not a stone. It turned out to be an animal. No one knows how the cat appeared there but when it was found she was all alone on the street. So, the man could not stay indifferent by taking the animal to the hospital.
Here the cat was given an injection.

And then the baby quickly became sleepy while she was in the truck. And the man did not want to wake her up. He enjoyed her presence all the time.

The man loved the cat very much. But he could not keep the animal for a long time as he had an allergy. She also started to search for animals.

After some time 2 people appeared who wanted to look after the cat but the man did not trust the cat. As none of them as no one has enough love and affection towards the cat.

Finding owners is a hard job but finally, he managed to find caring owners.
It’s wonderful that there are such kind people who make an effort to help animals.

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