The poor broken dog continued to smile when he understood that he had survived

The poor broken dog continued to smile when he understood that he had survived.

People noticed Sanford wandering on the streets after the cat hit him.
He was unable to move normally and then the local animal control service knew about his case. Moreover, the doctors found not only the injuries from the car but also bullet wounds in his paw.

Then the dog was sent to the shelter but as he had no funds he would not be treated normally.
So, the poor dog sat and looked at the walkers with pleasing eyes.

Without special treatment and attention, he left at the shelter for some time till an activist visited the shelter.
By seeing him the activist decided to act without hesitation.

The dog was very broken and when the activist wanted to approach him the dog did not even move his tail. It seemed that he was waiting for his time to come, tells the director of that center.

The workers from the center decided to help this little poor creature as soon as they could. So, they took the dog from there and sent it to the veterinary clinic to get some treatment. And fortunately, the doctors managed to save his life.

After some time he went for temporary housing. But what was surprising was that he did not stop smiling.
The dog was very thankful for the people who helped him. Now he was able to walk and play with others. And enjoyed the life that he had now.

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