The poor baby bear was far away from its family but the kind man helped the baby

Trying to approach wild animals is not a good idea, especially when the mother is with her babies. But, the kind man saved a poor cub by risking his own life. His kindness makes everyone speechless.

Thomas Owens saw many bears over the time.
New England is home to about 5000 bears. That was the reason he knew how to deal with wild animals.

Then he captured the moment when a mother bear crossed a road with her kids.
But as a result, the man saved one of the cub’s lives.

The man came out of the car and approached the tiny animal. He decided to be there till help arrived.
The man knows that there is a huge possibility of being in danger as the mother bear could return anytime.

And indeed she will not be thankful of seeing the man near to her baby. But the man took that risk.
And soon the help came. Then the team also found another baby not far away from there.

This cub was also sick. They both were moved to a rehabilitation center.
The man also joined the team and took a picture with the baby he saved.
The animals would stay there for some time till they fully recover and return to forests.

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