The police officer helped the cats and they did not want to part with him

The police officer helped the cats and they did not want to part with him.

In many countries, police officers are not accepted not in a good way as the law is harsh and they are the protector of it.

In most cases, they are right and always ready to help even without asking for help.
One day, 2 Texas officers met a problem which eventually made both of them happy.

Their job is one of the most responsible jobs in the world.
Atkins and his partner were in their job when a stranger who was crying approached them.

A strange noise was coming from somewhere and the woman was scared of doing something.
So, Atkins squeezed under the car and found 2 cats there.

And the babies could not appear by themselves, most probably someone did it.
At that time the officers could not take the cat to the hospital and they had not finished their duties yet.

But they gave the babies a bottle of milk and fed them.
After they finished their job they took the babies to the clinic where it became obvious that they were six weeks old and fortunately they were happy.

The cats shifted to an animal shelter.
Atkins waited for the moment when they finally slept so that he could leave.

But he realized that he did not want to part with the man.

So, they fell in love with them and that was noticed even by doctors.
After some weeks the cat transferred to new families. Atkins always remembers the cats whom he helped.

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