The pit bull who was barely rescued now cuddles with her new friend

The 2-year-old dog called Moki was found on the street.
Her owner was in bad condition and could no longer look after the pet. So, Moki became a stray dog.

But her fate turned out to be good. She was suddenly noticed by a stranger named Kristy Gamayo.
She has 2 pigs. And when she brought Moki home she was worried if they would get along with each other or not.

But her worries were inappropriate. They all loved each other from the very first moment.
And they become inseparable friends.

Then the woman told how she decided to adopt Moki. So, when she saw him he was very sad and she wanted to take him.
At first, she was afraid that Moki would kill them but she was wrong.

Now she claims that they are cute together and suit each other very much. They all live together and are very happy with each other. They always support and are ready to help each other if needed. The woman is also happy to have them all in her life.

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