The photographers pictured the amazing moment when starlings form a bird view over the lake

One of the photographers named James said that it was similar to a big bird.
The picture we can now see is thanks to these 2 photographers named James Crombie and Colin Hogg.

James was awarded as the photographer of the year. And he really deserved it.
He said that he spent a long time looking for something amazing and finally managed to reach his goal.

And this photo became the cover of the Irish Times.
The other person who saw it was Colin. He was from the Dublin Institute of Advanced Technology.

He was also amazed and said that it was a beautiful sight.
And how does such a phenomenon happen?

So, when small birds want to ensure their safety they gather together and form such a big group. They feel strong together.
Another reason was that they feel warm during cold weather and also share information about their feeding area.

There are about 100,000 birds in such groups. And you cannot see such a moment every day.
So, this was an amazing job done by the photographers.

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