The photographer suddenly captured a black tiger who was suffering because of melanism

The photograph captured a black tiger once in a lifetime. He could not imagine that while investigating breeds he could face such a case.

It was an amazing moment when the wildlife photographer met a special creature. Although he was amazed he did not lose a moment and captured the animal. Everything happened like this.

The amateur photographer was exploring birds when suddenly he noticed a rare animal and captured it. At that time he could not even think that the animal is one of the endangered species.

Later, it turned out that these breeds could only be noticed in Odisha woods and what’s more amazing is that only ten ones are left in the whole world.
Compared with Bengal tigers, this poor creature had melanism because of black stripes.

Unlike albinism, they did not have any fur pigmentation. And according to some scientific studies
These unique creatures are rare and were noticed only a couple of times.

What’s more surprising was that when the photographer met the animal he couldn’t even imagine that it was a tiger. As he did not know that melanism could result from such a condition.

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