The pet called Draco was surprised when he tore his lovely pillow

The pet called Draco was surprised when he tore his lovely pillow.

Pitbull named Draco did not like the way he lived when he was little. After finding a new home he started to feel calm and comfortable.

Once, Draco fell in love with a pillow. And took it wherever he goes. When someone wants to take it he jumps and picks it up immediately. Draco even when sleeps he hugs the pillow. Unfortunately, the pillow was torn.

They wanted to throw the pillow into the garbage but Draco did not allow them to do so.

Draco has a friend called Willow, a Labrador who wanted to take something from Draco. So, two friends started to fight and as a result, the pillow was torn. The owner of Draco noticed what happened and took action. The woman promised to fix the problem.

And she started to sew the pillow. During this, Draco did not go anywhere, he sat and waited for the woman to finish.

When the owner finished sewing Dracon jumped and took it immediately. He was very happy.
So, the dog owners claim that Pitbulls are very kind and sociable and people have wrong opinions about them.

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